from Windswept Windows from before

No peace of Mind with loyal heart, no nothing:

but a dense sensation, pleading

& yet, all

Honor was buried there while distress

without any shame was simply murdered.

The length of Time in One Eternity

When Hope was sealed
in honeyed casks

with a golden subtil blood.

…and now I swear with sack cloth

for my naked beauty to hide

the honorable shame that would writhe
but only as a soul unseen but to very few:

where once before a Germanic son

A Norse Man
wearing wings of Mercury

A golden lad, wed to
a bright & insatiable Ideal,

to a feast for famished memory, is now abandoned!

Discarded, crushed and spat on.

What doesn’t despair here hapless
sustains within immortal hope

were it not for futility long time enamored.

Though this world would be our homestead
in disillusion, yes but a shadow

is become a place of recess for liars & a scoundrel!

Or has it always been this way?

No peace of Mind with loyal heart
no nothing but a bleeding

into this illusion
across Eternity!


God is our strength. Our Love. Our Kind. Before Adam, there was the Aryan. Our Führer was there, our ideal impossibility! An improbable fertile grain for another land! The Holy Sperm for another Age. Another Cosmic womb.



2 réflexions sur “from Windswept Windows from before

  1. …and is neither found in dictionaries nor encyclopedias! True Man, i.e. the Honorable Man(the Herr-Mann) has always and inevitably been in a state of EXIL. He is by nature a NOMAD(not-mad) from the start! His roots are in the INFINITE, his SOUL a « thing » from beyond the Ex Nihil Creation of DEATH, of perpetual circular dying.

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