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the Jungian brain & its origins.

There is a real world where nothing is simulated, where all creatures of any kind are a unique conscience, seemingly incarnate. But they transcend time & even Eternity, ontologically. Each a unique presence, un-collective. Not issued from any kind of unconscious collective. Jung & his learned abstractions were but bait for the educated & ignorant elite, who were already themselves issued from the synthetic « artificial » intelligence of his & their « time », devised surreptitiously to lead astray all thinking & alert minds(divine sparks).

The real & un-illusory soul tricked into artificial existence, is like a « Christ sitting on a JACKASS entering IERU-SALEM.

It’s the great Machination of which Plato spoke, in any case the literary figure we call Plato, implanted in the real vital minds of men, which is simulated, i.e. is an artificial simulation ! But as Joseph Delgado said in a discourse along time ago, (and I dont quote per se) « …what is man today but a product of our own intelligent creation across evolution», & I would add, an artificial & « unconscious » product thanks to what one would call, the Royal Craft & ART.

But then again, the PRIMARY MATTER to this realization is rooted in the Erhrean Father of the Human Species, of which there are 4 races, or kinds, biologically. And as in Alchemy, the goal of the Great Work isn’t El/Ella or its undoing, the Great Work is to make the Philosophical Stone,…i.e. make you yourself into the « Thing », and yet preserve your own Personal Mind. But WOUNDED like a resurrected Christ !

The so-called parasitical elite thrives on the stupidity of those who would be victims of their very own happy « spiritual apathy »! Those that would be but someone else’s created & artificially intelligent vampirized product !

Too bad for them. After all, if you dont fight back, or preserve the right to your own specifyic « being » while in the corridors of time & space, then you have not earned the right to be called a « MAN », i.e. a Magus, a Magician, a one as self created by God. Thru God. & in God.

The Magus isn’t in any way, a cloned invention, based on algorithmic computations. And who would make compromises with « the devil »! The demiurge, in order to live continuously as a perpetually segmented buy-product of its pretentious vanity ! But those who would be, what they aren’t, i.e. Awake, but in a possessive manner, feign initiation thru horrid parasitical ritualized processes which goes to show, that without a prey there ain’t no predator !

In the « real » World atoms dont exist. But what is wisdom, isn’t « democratically » viable.

To be true, in any case to my own essence, as Monsieur Gurdjieff would’ve said, …only an artificial intelligence would want to be reborn into a simulated reality. Why worry, if you are real, and if you aren’t then, there’s no one except for the vain & ridiculous Jungian synchronicities that would fill the dark matter of artificial man’s fantasies !


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