Resurrection Body

descente aux enfers

Ego sum Via Vita et Veritas.

These are … the antique processes known from immemorial times practiced by a certain elite here in Europe and by the Oriental men of before, as well it seems. They only befit our friends who walk on a narrow roadway, sacred liars, holy fighters for the Good Fight. So as they too might become immortals in their own right. Preserving the Grail Doctrine. 

Only God will guide. Only God can hear you.

All men as they are, are as Nothing.   

How not to become some mere lost ghost at death, caught in the existential threads that keep mankind prisoner?

Gliding in some « in between land », astral make-believe world. Stuck in a perpetual flight from here to there! Saddened to the marrow’s soul, by the tum-tum of Talia’s drum. To wander toward another windmill, once again. 

Fallen to the depths that inertia dictates. Getting board. A pilgrim wasting away on the path to a star on the north-western horizon. 

While gleaming eyes seek a miller’s daughter!

** * ** **

archeveque leo arkfeld

Served my first Mass under this great man.

Glad this won’t fool an averted man that’s dead & free. He’s warned, I hope for him. 

A spirit stepping on vast waters. The great spheres above move incessantly, grinding away the bones of contention. Or is it merely just contempt? 

You can hear the iron milling away. The walls between worlds extending into infinity, rubbing endlessly, expelling melancholic gravel from the cosmic bladder. Making musical notes, each of which are made into a vowel peculiar sound withdrawing within each round inhaling. 

Bidding, « stay and wait for Christ’ sake ».

In each pole heart, the physical enveloppe is transformed. Then God & His Angels will precipitate you back down into a clamoring density. Back again into a phenix plaint.


Borne on the gust rising from the winds inside you. Throbbing head and heart, …now alive again! 

A luminous intelligent weighty human thing in the middle of Valhalla. A Chief among thieves! A Trickster.

…a Resurrected Warrior like Jesus in the Mob! 

(…afterwards you’ll inhabit a revitalized purified body that’s been extracted, taken from the quintessential « ugly » dregs of you, and then you’ll climb up on top of the Yggdrasil Tree, to embrace your God, the High One, with just as High, and the Third, all inside you.) 


A Brother in the Highlands of Montserrat.



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