Waiting for No One


It goes on & on, but you’re the one gives it Harmony. Once you’ve put out the garbage & burnt with a secret fire inherent to your corpse, the blessed black dregs.

Surely you’ve noticed, that the brain is only a center of command and in itself is like an outgrown gland in a calcium box, biologically preprogrammed to transmit and/or receive a perceived world place thru its senses, filled with artefacts and things, or just not filled at all! With all the trappings. Out there in the emptiness where people pretend in utter ignorance, that things are REAL. Surely this came to mind. God’s kingdom is not in the mud forever, debating chains of DNA! Enamored with silicon and carbon. 

The brain and all the other organs were pre-conceived in some outer structure afterwards the seed of existing was put there by the god. Like a shoe yes like nothing but a simple shoe, organically related intimately to the rest of all subtle & biological(whether visible to the eye and/or ear & sex) existing! The brain is a part of the natural structure. It belongs to all the rest. Was put there from the start like all the rest!

Only the Mind(the seed-thing put there by the god) when it wakes to itself, sees that it doesn’t belong. Is something other. A non-thing from a no where, not beyond nor below. Initiation is the bringing into account of the Eternal Tragedy of all incarnate souls striding the so-called strings of matter. Tendrils & dendrites interconnected, throbbing with pulses, inside the sacred number. 

Your eye has been mutilated by the darkness. But a lamp endeavors to endure, shining on this nothing of a Void.

And only the Mind-Soul can see, reflect and conceive. Thru the biologically pre-arranged gland. Out there in the midst, real souls of Mind are imprisoned. Dont disdain them! Honor the invisible divinity. Reality pervades because the Loving-Mind believes in nothingness’ existence. The fermenting Holy Spirit inebriates the fettered Soul. 

Whereas the god does exist, unconscious because forgotten, by the god himself! 

The soul is what is real.  It empties itself here. Then when death comes, inhabiting perpetually the earth & all creatures, the Soul takes itself back. Living and being eternally, no where. A fountainhead of life and love. A place from which hatred stems occasionally, when the Soul contemplating a terrible deception is taken aback while in a strange place, it has forgotten, it belongs nowhere, when here.

Seeing the illusion of the believing mind is only the beginning of becoming an Initiate. This is the Path of the Noble Soul-Mind. 

Where we are now, is unfortunately a desecrated Temple, which in principle was meant to be a sacred abode for the Soul!

And that is the beginning of the Root-Races. Which inhabit the Void thru Harmonics. In the Guise of a moving Swastika, the 4 in equilibrium. Through out Eternity in a Transparent Sphere.

It has no walls and no center.

BEWARE of Megalomaniacs, the illusory self & gurus de tout accabit

In crossing the GREAT VOID, your Elders have gone before you. This is the Hermitical Golden Chain. Nobody owns it! It cannot be bought nor sold. She belongs to no one!!!!!!!


Its Egregore is of divine right, its power passed from innocent to innocent. History doesn’t mean anything to it.  This is of the illusory self. 

Be happy. It’s not for everyone. Be a MAN: because you now belong to GOT.








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