Almost at the Bottom of Hell

Forgive me if you can if I write in 2 languages! I could perhaps write in 3 or 4 in a manner intermix, but of course that would be unseemly, something like with Ezra Pound(but perhaps he was never sure of what he really wanted to say(the world was already on its way to a general dissolution) & à défaut de mieux, he just played with pretending to be profound. & suddenly he was put in a cage!), but how silly of me if I did, & therefore I’ll stick with 1 or 2, except for German, because I’m not quite there, in mastering neither the grammar nor the genders, but apparently even genders won’t be needed for fear of offending the idiots of our race as well as the races of others here or elsewhere… & c’est ainsi que cela fut!

Here on the next to the last floor of dire stupidity, in a place or LOKA filled with the hordes of a minor species, we clamor dismayed disgruntled at an awkward situation, something like robins in pigs pen, not quite use to the urine and the stink, & that obnoxious stench exhaling from the feces of what we call manure, & they, I mean the piggies, their caca!

But it doesn’t matter. really doesn’t matter in the end. Give a kick in the ass to Krishna & tell Arjuna to fuck off, if he really doesn’t want to fight, to get involved, to be responsible for his own personal misdeeds etc etc etc and so forth!

For in the end, Hell isn’t wonderful, no! not a bit…just a stupid silly mess we can’t take any more, or perhaps never could. But in the end, we fight whether in the skies or on earth, not to win but in order to honor ours and those who supposedly lost somewhere in the past? 

But in dying their is no dishonor if done for good, and nothing lost! On the other side, even beyond the remnants that Asgard leaves behind, We can if we wish with all our Will stop reading Nietzsche and create in another sphere where the fairies dance at twilight in Midgaard, in rounds with flowers in their long beautiful hair, bowing & lifting, lifting & bowing ever so till the time we’ve mustarded up enough POWER & STRENGTH, that we can make another land with our shaktis in another place for ours  in the nether world and their’s elsewhere.

My God, how I’ve ranted on. Waiting for you to come. But you won’t and you can’t…oh how silly of me,…you were already there! But not like expected.

I found you like a frog in my tomato plants, hopping.

** * ** **

…je fais comme les oiseaux, en parlant leur langue

je ne parle que pour qui m’entende,

en m’écoutant, les autres s’entendent.

Comprenant leur chant, leurs sonorités discordes

C’est leur parole qui garde le secret du mystère de l’Aryen!

Où donc, sont partis, les braves et les coeurs vaillants & propres?

…c’est dans l’affection de leur MORT cherie & honorable qu’on atteind au plan sidéral, l’Ombre Vestige de leur Sang Irascible & indomptable!,…déversé.

Méditez sur le Sublime Domicile des Héros,

…il siège dans les chaudes vapeurs, en subtile nuage

de glace qui fond, s’exhale…

Comme un souffle mémorial, plein de joie :

C’est eux dont les coeurs sont vraiment impétueux,

Lisse dans l’écoulement circulaire à travers

La Grande Aorte, qui inonde en Pensée Bienveillante

l’intime de mon âme.

Ne triche pas comme le juif

n’anarque pas.

Mais tel le Tigre des Neiges,

règne donc dans ton royaume!

Sois rusé, & fais tout

pour connaître ton adversaire!


Sois bon et courtois, Maître

de tes décisions.

Sache porter la détresse des tiens

mais en aucune manière

n’agit pas en juif.


« …je ne m’abaisserai pas pour ainsi agir

en être infâme!,

Si on se bats, c’est au quotidien

& tous les jours de ton vivant.

La Mort, ici sera ma récompense de Salut

quand je m’en irai, vers mon