Through these sleeping bodies

tireless souls awaken

Corporeal ideas into extended flesh


While the stammering physical extension

of what would be a most excellent and as it must,

abiding perfect theme


from a transcendent eternal picture in the Mind

incarnates its beauty

within a finite darkness!


   Strange, yet like a heavy sap filling the mortal nostrils with a thick and balmy smell. The Earth with all its successive sediments, cradled inside diverse & unending caverns, steeps the pretty spirit in a colorless invincible tincture.


   The Sun and the Moon in mouvement

vorticing, their perpetual motions orbiting

thence mechanically combining


Issuing from the deep drafts

that our secret cerebral marrow might engender!


   What is it of Nobility? Wandering away clothed in a fine leather sheath, far from its Homeland? 

   Like an invisible sea but seeable, frothing, conscious of its own Grand Illusion, when organic fibres retreat, bursting their entrenched briny arms back aloft, into their original Eternal environment?

   Only great and simple souls have known this Metaphysical ordeal :


« to be born within an animal & corporeal confining barrier

released at initiatic Death like some

formerly encapsulated and encompassed gaseous furnace

filled with a mobile & perfect perception

To return to the Eye-lit Stars

against which the black unfathomable firmament

Can never have any Final Victory! »


   …for Karl.